Sunday, October 21, 2012

engine internals and cases

Shovelhead engine after being torn down and cleaned up.
Oil pump shaft

Cutaway Views aka Exploded Renderings

 Now you know what is in there and you don't have to buy one and take it apart. Pretty handy.

Now you know what is in there and you don't have to buy one and take it apart. Pretty handy.


Here are some images that you may use for your walls and desktop. Please send requests if you don't see what you like.

....and I mean it !

Happy Halloween- try not to burn the house down.

Science, Dammit !

Actual picture, NOT a drawing.

We are Listening !

" All my life, I wanted to be a gangster ! "

2-tailed devil

P-40 Warhawks, guarded by the Chinese. From The Flying Tigers and Gen Chenault.

The AV-8 Harrier Jump Jet

Cleaning used motorcycle parts......

I found a method a couple of years ago that I think is worth passing on........
Got dirty engine parts, brake parts, axles, etc ?  Try this-

1) Get a used crockpot / slow cooker at a garage sale. Cheap, 5 bucks or less. Get a used one, do not use the one in the kitchen.
2) Get a couple of bottles of Simple Green ( or be smart and buy a gallon refill bottle of it )

3) Take all of your oily, greasy, dirty, ancient engine parts, grears, hubs, carb parts, etc and dump them into the crockpot.

4) Now fill it up with straight Simple Green. Fill it to the top, or at least cover the parts in the crockpot.

5) Let cook for a couple of hours, or overnight.

6) Pull out your clean, shiny like-new parts ! Enjoy.
I was turned on to Simple Green a long time ago by an old gunsmith. He uses it to remove 60 year old carbon from the firing chamber of weapons he works on. Powerful stuff, and unlike the old days when gas was cheap and we would just toss parts in a bucket of gas, Simple Green is easy on your hands.
Does not sound like a big deal until the skin on your hands starts to peel off.

Favorite magazines from a misspent youth....


Those wacky folks over at Chrysler !